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Salary Savant

Make 2x-3x more. Know your Worth. Don't Settle for Less.

How do you fight for what you deserve without being aggressive or difficult? 

First, realize that many people feel this way because they have been taught to believe that if they speak up, they're just being difficult. But when Chad does it, he's just having a conversation. So are you. Don't settle for less. A lot of us do.

We'll help you answer the tough questions. 

  • "What are you currently making?"

  • "What's your target compensation?"

  • "What would make you happy?"

We'll help you deal with the roadblocks. 

  • "We can't go above this."

  • "There's no room in the budget.

  • "No, but we do have a sign on bonus."

  • "No, but we offer a lot of cool benefits."

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Salary Savant: Testimonials
Smiling Young Man

Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed by my thoughts. So I tend to just do things, but lately things weren't going the way I wanted with my career.

Sarathi was great at helping me hone in on what I really wanted in my next job. We came up with a whole action plan, goals and everything. Now I am 1 month into my new job! I'm glad I did the Dream Discovery program!!

Avery Smith
Program Manager at Amazon

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