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Sarathimeyyappan Sakthivel (She/They)

I am the Founder & Executive Happiness Coach of Nirvana Works. I identify as a Non-Binary Femme Queen 👑, leading with equal parts sass, spunk, and smarts.


About Us

Nirvana Works. A life beyond belonging. 

Whether you’re here browsing for yourself or your employees or advocating for better company training as an employee, rest assured, this page will explain absolutely nothing about us. Just kidding!

We’re here to help people live better lives. Whether that’s equipping them with the tools to succeed in life or in their careers. We know from experience that individuals from marginalized groups tend to have it harder than the dominant group. They were given less, they were born with less.

But there’s not less of us, in fact, a lot of us are out here, across various orientations, gender identities, races, and abilities. We deserve to live a life beyond just belonging. 



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