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Woman in Yellow

You learn to study in college, that's about it. But no one really teaches you how to negotiate salary. I've always just taken the first offer I've gotten and then been upset later when I found out I was lowballed.

Sarathi is just so warm and positive, he helps you fight for what you're worth. I ended up getting an offer for $40,000 more! Take his Salary Negotiations course!! It's well worth the investment.

Samantha Wasser
Senior Software Engineer at Facebook

Attractive Young Woman

Honestly, I hated networking and I felt like I never had to do it before. But I really wanted to get into Google, and I was rejected the last 3 times. 

So I decided to do this Ninja Networking thing. I didn't know what to expect, but it was really helpful. Sarathi helped me understand that Networking isn't really hard and how to get better at it. I just used it to land an interview at Google!!!

Frankie Bolder
Program Manager at Google

Smiling Young Man

Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed by my thoughts. So I tend to just do things, but lately things weren't going the way I wanted with my career.

Sarathi was great at helping me hone in on what I really wanted in my next job. We came up with a whole action plan, goals and everything. Now I am 1 month into my new job! I'm glad I did the Dream Discovery program!!

Avery Smith
Program Manager at Amazon

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