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A Life Beyond Beloning.

DEI Metrics that Work: 

  1. The reason you’re having difficulty measuring the impact of DEI is you’re focusing on the wrong things. Endless training on microaggression and bias.

  2. Instead, focus on closing the skills gap between marginalized groups and the dominant group. Give them the same resources, skills, and network.

  3. Which in turn will give them a sense of belonging, health, and autonomy. These soft metrics can be tied to hard ones, such as retention rates and mix of individuals among senior leadership.

  4. Metrics you’ll be able to break down by race and other valuable categories you need to show the progress of DEI. Because individuals will be more engaged and likely to self-identify.

  5. With these real results you can get more buy-in from leadership. Which is even easier to do with better representation among leadership. Leading to bigger budgets. So you can: Wash. Rinse, Repeat.

Start by learning more about our, Nirvana Works’, interactive 2-hour workshops, catered towards that sense of belonging, health, and autonomy. Book some time below. No strings attached.

Nirvana Works


Smiling Young Man

Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed by my thoughts. So I tend to just do things, but lately things weren't going the way I wanted with my career.

Sarathi was great at helping me hone in on what I really wanted in my next job. We came up with a whole action plan, goals and everything. Now I am 1 month into my new job! I'm glad I did the Dream Discovery program!!

Avery Smith
Program Manager at Amazon

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