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Nirvana Works

Find your Voice, your Tribe, and your #1 Fan.

It’s out there but most of us struggle to find it. We get great grades, succeed in our careers, find fantastic partners, make a lot of money, even travel the world, and it still eludes us. That’s mostly because we’re trying to find it. Your Voice, Your Tribe, Your #1 Fan. Your Happiness. It's not something you find. And it’s certainly not something you make conditional on external outcomes. It’s already with us. We just need to channel it. A lot easier said than done. 

So what? Is a life coach going to help me find happiness? 

No, of course not, because that is yours and yours to do alone. But like most things you come across in life, practicing happiness wasn’t taught in school growing up. In fact, even later on in life, it’s not something most people pick up. Because society teaches us to look for happiness as a destination.

It’s not. It’s not an end goal. It’s a life goal. It’s a practice. It’s a skill that comes with time. But if you’ve already spent years or decades being miserable, you don’t necessarily have or want to spend the time trying to acquire a new skill. 

So what does a life coach do then?

You’ll still have to practice the skill of happiness. But we’ll help you get better at it, a lot quicker than most of us, because you’ll have our experiences to learn from. You’ll skip the mistakes we made. But most importantly, we can work together to answer the big and small questions that seem to get in your way. Because these questions are also our greatest answers, greatest experiences, in living a fulfilling life. We just need the support to embrace them. Work with us and we'll help you do just that.

Turn the following Questions (Roadblocks) into Answers (Paths):

Personal Roadblocks

Who am I?

I’m breaking apart. What should I do?

I’m overwhelmed. How do I move on?

What city do I want to move to?

Do I move for my partner?

Do I buy or rent?

How do I afford a mortgage?

Career Roadblocks

What major should I choose?

What career should I pursue?

What do I do next in my career?

How do I succeed in my career?

Systemic Roadblocks

What’s a copay? What’s a deductible? How much do I owe?

How do I find a therapist?

I have back pain. What should I do?

What’s a 401(k)? IRA? How do I save?

How do I understand the stock market?

What’s my monthly mortgage payment?

How much is the interest? When do I get a mortgage?

How much of my payment is interest?

Do I rent or buy?

How are you different from the millions of other life coaches out there?

There are a lot of them. But quantity does not equal quality. Especially when it comes to life experiences, our life coaches, at the moment just Sarathimeyyappan Sakthivel (She/They) (but we’re continuing to expand our team!), have had some significant ones. Good and bad.  

It tends to happen when you’re part of the Global Majority. In fact, it tends to happen when you’re part of any marginalized group. Unlike the dominant groups in our society, we face more challenges, more hardships, with less resources. We’re not born into families with the same cultural, American, or institutional knowledge.

And Sarathimeyyappan, as an Indian American, Queer, Non-Binary Femme individual, is not an exception to this rule. If you relate in any way, we'll help you find your own answers, your own path. Click the link below to get started!


Smiling Young Man

Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed by my thoughts. So I tend to just do things, but lately things weren't going the way I wanted with my career.

Sarathi was great at helping me hone in on what I really wanted in my next job. We came up with a whole action plan, goals and everything. Now I am 1 month into my new job! I'm glad I did the Dream Discovery program!!

Avery Smith
Program Manager at Amazon

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