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The Answers to Nirvana

Why should I invest in career coaching?

Because, it's an investment in yourself that pays off. What if you could put $1 in a machine and get $10 in return?

That's what this is. Except the $10 is not only a higher salary but a better job, life, and clarity from someone who's gone through the hard experiences. So you don't have to.  

Why should I choose you as my career coach?

I believe in creating a safe space. I am not only here for your career but also here to support you as a human being. 

As an Indian American who identifies as a Queen, but shakes off Gender, believes in Fluidity and is the child of Immigrant Parents, I understand the struggle of being unique.

I want to share my experience so you don't have to go through the same challenges. 

How can I start working with you?

Check out one of my Packages or Schedule a Free Consultation.

What's your experience?

12+ years as a Finance Executive. I was offered 3 CFO positions at age 30 as a 1st generation college student.

10 years as a Career Coach.

From spearheading initiatives for organizations $100M-$1B in size, to cold calling my way into a Netflix interview, I've done it all.

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