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Find your Voice, your Tribe, and your #1 Fan.

You're on your first day, month or year of a new job? Does it feel like school lunch all over again? Except the cliques are subtle, rules unspoken, and thoughts unwritten

  • How do you successfully give your boss feedback?

  • How do you address discriminatory behavior by senior management and colleagues? 

  • How do you advocate for your voice in a sea of microaggressions?

  • How do you find your mentor?

  • How do you manage up?

You're overwhelmed. You're stuck. I've been there. Literally many times over, across many new jobs, companies and industries.

Corporate America isn't kind to People of Color, Women, Gay, Bi, and Queer Folx. It's hard to find answers when no one looks like you. I had to find mine the hard way. I'm hoping to change that for you. 

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Smiling Young Man

Sometimes I just get really overwhelmed by my thoughts. So I tend to just do things, but lately things weren't going the way I wanted with my career.

Sarathi was great at helping me hone in on what I really wanted in my next job. We came up with a whole action plan, goals and everything. Now I am 1 month into my new job! I'm glad I did the Dream Discovery program!!

Avery Smith
Program Manager at Amazon

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