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From Mid-Life Crisis to Yoga (Part 2)

So remember how I said, I would write a Part 2? Well, here it is. No build up, no hook, just more of the same. But I gave you room to breathe, because this is heavy stuff. But also heavy for me, it's hard for me to write this. But, I am going to do it anyway.

4) Who is Nirvana Works for?

Marginalized Groups. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of straight white men as well. I just know that the people who are really struggling are those grouped into buckets and dehumanized. Those who are stereotyped.

People of Color. Women. Women of Color. People of Eastern Descent. Non-binary folx. The LGBTQIA+ community. Asian Women. Anyone who doesn't look like or think like a straight white man. And anyone else I may have unintentionally left out.

Why? We already have enough resources and platforms for straight white men, the first platform, the first piece of communication that our country was founded on for example, the Declaration of Independence.

Plus, it's Personal. I know what it's like to be grouped into a category and that feeling of being faceless if you're not white. Of just being a statistic. I know what it's like for people to constantly judge me for something I am not. I know what it's like to be riddled with slurs on the street for being vulnerable and open as a man. I know what it's like to be asked if "I speak English well?" I know what it's like to be asked "Where I'm really from?" multiple times. Even though I have lived in NYC my entire life.

Asian Women. I don't know what it's like to be an Asian woman, but I can share my love for the community. And, I do identify as Asian even though we are identified by an entire continent. Even though there are many different cultures, countries and backgrounds on this very large piece of land. I cringe when men put down women, over-sexualize and objectify women. And I am especially appalled and enraged that there are people who have come to identify Asian Women for just those 2 words and not the human beings that they are.

I can only imagine and empathize that it feels demeaning when you are associated for just the stereotypes people have come to assign you. Asian = submissive. Women = sexualized. Does everyone think this way, of course not. But do some people? Yes? The shooter of those Asian women in the Atlanta spa certainly seemed to think so.

Empathetic Slant. Why? Because I think it is an underrated skill in the business world. I believe that people who can identify and empathize with others and their emotions can and do see the heart behind the logical business problem or solution. It helps them and their colleagues identify a purpose and be more effective. I fall into this category and so relate and work well with those share this skill and believe this skill and these individuals need to be recognized for their worth.

5) Where is Nirvana Works?

Remote. Much like the rest of America. But only temporarily. For safety precautions.

But eventually we hope to transition to real life, face to face interactions, while continuing to offer remote services for those outside of NYC. Because we believe that real change only happens with crisp clear communication. And most of our communication is non-verbal and easier to work on in person.

6) When can I work with Nirvana Works?

Immediately, conditional on acceptance into one of our programs for 1-on-1 premium personalized coaching. (If you would like to know more about one of our programs, please see # 7 below).

Website is currently being worked on and online applications are not setup yet, so please feel free to email me at in the meantime indicating your program of interest.

Note: I will update this article when the website is good to go!

7) What are these Nirvana Works programs?

The Enlightened Executive. You're a busy executive. You have everything you want but not what you need, peace of mind. You're constantly stressed out. Not enough time for your personal life or your family. Let us help you reset.

The Social Anxiety Destroyers. You have debilitating anxiety. We've been there. It's hard to make friends, especially in this period of isolation. We understand. You want to date, meet new people. Be the life of the party. We can help.

The Career Conquerors. You're unhappy with your career. Or you want to ask for a raise. You want to be a networking ninja. You're tired of office politics and the microaggressions. Let's help you Level Up.

Sarathimeyyappan Sakthivel is the CEO & Founder of Nirvana Works, the path to happiness and connection.

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