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Our Coaches

Sarathimeyyappan Sakthivel (he/him/his), Founder of Nirvana Works & Executive Happiness Coach

As an Indian American son of poor immigrants, and an open, empathetic & vulnerable man, life was difficult growing up. He grew up in a family of 4 on his father's income of $35k a year in NYC. Pizza was considered a special dinner. His parents were dropouts from India, his mother from college and father from high school. Barred by their knowledge of the English language, they didn't know how to navigate the systems of America.

Sarathi had limited resources in more ways than one. Layer on the pressures of systemic racism, being pulled apart by 2 contrasting cultures, and a lack of social skills, it was a recipe for failure. It didn't help that he was ridiculed for his"feminine traits."

Prior to founding Nirvana Works, however, as a 30 year old man of color, he was offered 3 CFO positions & half a million dollars. When he was 21, he went from sitting alone in his room to cold calling into Netflix, Facebook & Google interviews, and connecting with the CFO of Netflix. When he was 25, he went from being unable to utter a word after sitting next to a crush for a year in class, to talking to anyone, anywhere in the streets of NYC at 27.